Joan Of Arc – The Maid Of Orléans, Visionary Leader, French Heroine

Joan of Arc, often referred to as the Maid of Orléans, is a legendary figure in French history known for her role in the Hundred Years’ War and her religious visions. Born in 1412 in Domrémy, a village in northeastern France, Joan of Arc played a pivotal part in the medieval conflict between France and England. Her unwavering faith, military leadership, and ultimate martyrdom have cemented her legacy as a national heroine of France.

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Personal Information

Full Name Joan of Arc
Nick Name / Stage Name Maid of Orléans
Born January 6, 1412, Domrémy, France
Died May 30, 1431, Rouen, France
Age 19
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Hometown Domrémy, France
Nationality French
Years Active 1429-1431
Marital Status Single
Political Affiliation Not affiliated
Alma Mater Not applicable
Profession Military Leader
Net Worth (approx.) Not applicable
Debut Siege of Orléans (1429)
School Not applicable
College Not applicable
Education Qualification / Degree Not applicable
Hobbies/Habits/Interests Religious devotion, military strategy
Favorite Clothing Brands Not applicable
Favorite Gadgets Not applicable
Food Habit Simple diet
Awards Not applicable
Notable Works Leadership in the Hundred Years’ War
Website Not applicable

Early Career

Joan of Arc’s early career was defined by her divine calling and the subsequent pursuit of fulfilling that mission. At the age of 13, she began experiencing visions of saints and religious figures, particularly St. Michael, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret, instructing her to support Charles VII and help him claim the French throne. These otherworldly experiences shaped her beliefs and instilled in her a strong sense of religious purpose.


Joan of Arc’s educational background is not well-documented, but it is believed that she received basic education in her hometown of Domrémy. Her upbringing in a devout Catholic family influenced her religious beliefs significantly and laid the foundation for her future actions.


Joan of Arc’s career unfolded during the turbulent years of the Hundred Years’ War between France and England. Her most significant career milestone was the Siege of Orléans in 1429, where she played a decisive role in lifting the English siege and facilitating the dauphin Charles VII’s coronation at Reims.

Contributions and Impact

Joan of Arc’s primary contribution was to the war effort, particularly in restoring French confidence and turning the tide of the Hundred Years’ War in favor of Charles VII. Her unwavering faith and remarkable military leadership left an indelible mark on the history of France.

  • Contribution 1
  • Inspirational Leadership: Joan of Arc inspired the French troops with her charisma and confidence, rallying them to significant victories.

  • Contribution 2

  • Symbol of French Resistance: Even after her death, Joan of Arc remained a potent symbol of French nationalism and resistance against foreign occupation.

Awards and Honors

Joan of Arc was honored posthumously for her role in the Hundred Years’ War. In 1920, she was canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church. Her feast day is celebrated on May 30th in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church.

Year Award/Honor Description
1920 Canonization Induction into sainthood by the Catholic Church

Personal Life

Despite her short life, Joan of Arc’s personal life was marked by remarkable determination and unwavering faith. She never married and is not known to have had any romantic relationships, choosing to devote herself entirely to her divine mission.

Personal Traits

Trait Description
Personality Strong, charismatic, deeply religious
Interests Religious devotion, French nationalism
Hobbies Prayer, military strategy, leading troops
Passions The cause of Charles VII and the liberation of France
Values Faith, loyalty, patriotism
Quirks Propensity to wear male attire, unique visionary experiences
Fun Facts Claimed to hear divine voices from a young age, played a pivotal role in the Hundred Years’ War at the age of 17

Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Height 1.59 m
Weight Not documented
Body Measurements Not documented
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Chest Size Not documented
Waist Size Not documented
Biceps Size Not documented
Height in Centimeters 159 cm
Height in Meters 1.59 m
Height in Feet Inches 5’2.5″

Scientific or Professional Career

Joan of Arc’s professional career was centered around her military expertise and religious convictions. She had no formal scientific career.

Fields of Expertise Military Leadership, Religious Visionary
Institutions Not applicable
Contributions Significant contribution to the Hundred Years’ War and the coronation of Charles VII.


Joan of Arc’s legacy is immeasurable. She is revered as a national heroine in France and remembered for her instrumental role in shaping the country’s destiny. As a symbol of religious faith and patriotism, her influence extends far beyond her lifetime.


In conclusion, Joan of Arc’s journey from a simple peasant girl to the savior of France is one of the most inspirational tales in history. Her unwavering faith, remarkable courage, and decisive actions continue to inspire countless individuals around the world.

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